Day One

This challenge has proved to be much harder than I initially thought it would be. Without realizing it, at breakfast I created waste with my knife and paper plate and paper cup, I had a reusable water bottle but instead of using it I forgot and used a paper cup. Lunch however was much easier when all of my waste was compostable. Dinner was minimal waste so that was good and I was able to compost everything.But I ate more meat than I was going to. I am finding it very hard to eat locally especially because I don’t eat vegetables, not that there are many local vegetables anyway…

My sister sent me a package today, so I have the waste from the package that I will have to add to my trash bag. I didn’t have much extra waste, except I ate some of my friend’s starbursts which I forgot about the individual packaging. I followed my idea of only drinking water and the milk that the dining halls provide that is local so I followed that goal.

Also I have only been on the computer for about an hour today and have not charged any devices. Unfortunately after teaching swimming lessons I took a shower that was longer than I thought and was about 13 minutes long. My original goal was only ten minute showers.

I am going to need to try and improve my waste and food consumption habits for tomorrow!

Kate Wright


  1. Yeah, I completely agree with Sarah. It was so hard to remember on the first day. It’s always the little things that I forget about such as Starbursts etc. I’m hoping it will get easier as the week progresses..

  2. Today was only the first day and you’re not the only one that unintentionally wasted products since I’m on the same boat!

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