Day One: Let the challenges begin!

I woke up today feeling relatively ready to take on No Impact Week. As an Environmental Studies major, I like to think of myself as a pretty low impact kind of person so I was pretty ready to accept the challenge. This morning before my 8:30, there was enough light coming through the blinds so I didn’t have to turn on the light as I got ready and I’d showered previously the night before. I left the room feeling pretty good about my small impact so far on the day. I had been a little torn when making my goals about whether or not to try to completely ban Slayter from my life, or just to make sure I ate my meals elsewhere. I pondered this some more as I walked to class debating whether or not, I would get a coffee before class. I decided that since I had brought my reusable mug with it. It was alright to splurge on a coffee, after all it was a Monday morning.

Around lunchtime, I moved around Curtis at lunch looking for a vegetarian meal. They were out of french bread pizza, the lines were long and the main option was a chili dog. I walked over to the soup and saw one of my favorite options – Baked Potato Soup. After I had already brought the soup back to my table and taken a bite, I realized there was bacon in the soup. In my excitement of avoiding the lines and finding a soup I liked, I hadn’t really thought twice about whether or not the soup would be vegetarian or not. I let the soup sit there for a little, disappointed in my failure. ¬†However, I decided that since I had already sat down. The best thing to do was to finish the soup. This was a good lesson to check my food before I eat it.

Later on, while I had kept myself from Slayter, I realized I was filling a paper plate with cheese and veggies at a reception for next years RAs without a thought about the paper plate I was using. It made me realize how little we think about our daily actions and their impact upon the environment. When we do communal things, such as eat and create Slayter or use paper plates at receptions, we barely think twice about the impact because it is just what is done. Everyone else is doing it so you just sort of follow suit. I’m hoping tomorrow I will do better in my eating but also pay more attention to the little things that I consume without thought.

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  1. I also had difficulties when eating at Slayter when trying to minimize my waste. I didn’t realize until I sat down for breakfast that I had a paper plate and used a plastic knife. Good luck with the vegetarian diet this week, I am also trying to minimize my meat intake but so far it has been very hard!

  2. I also, like Allyson, agree about the paper plate use. Also I had trouble staying away from Slayter as it has become such a normal part of many of our days. I applaud you for trying to stay meat free this week, it will be very hard with the limited options provided in the dinning halls. Good Luck!

  3. Like in Colin’s book we read, we all agree that its tough to change all those little things like paper plates and tissues. I had problems with those today too, trust me. Besides that though, it seems like you are doing a really good job with the no impact week, and that is great. I am also trying my best not to create trash by avoiding slayter and Meal-X because I am used to eating food on the go all the time during the week.

  4. I agree with what you said about your paper plate use. It is amazing that we consume and discard things without even thinking about it. I struggled with that myself today (especially when it comes to paper towels and tissues). Good luck with no eating meat this week! Be creative and patient with the options available at Curtis. I also applaud you for getting ready in the dark this morning! Good work and keep it up!

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