Harder Than I Thought

Now that day one is coming to a close, I have to say that this week is going to be much more challenging than I initially thought.  I began my day by trying to turn on my light, which didn’t work because I had unplugged everything before I went to sleep.  On my way across the dark room to the nearest light on the wall, I managed to stub my toe on my table leg, which was truly a great start to the day.

After my foot began to stop throbbing I got into the shower for less than a minute, which I thought was pretty impressive. I also found this 2 in1 shampoo/body wash at CVS that saves a lot of time, but I also don’t think its very good for my hair, but whatever.  After my shower, I also brushed my teeth, but used very little water while doing so.

I didn’t eat breakfast before class, like I do everyday, however I did get my daily smoothie at Slayter that is unfortunately packaged in plastic.  Although, now that I look at the bottle, it says that it is 100% recyclable material, so I guess it not THAT bad.  I would like to avoid all plastic products for the remainder of the week though.

For lunch, I had a BIG salad and a vegetarian stir fry at Curtis, and I made sure to compost anything that I didn’t eat, as always.  One of my goals for this week is to stay away from meat as much as possible, which so far has been very easy compared to keeping my energy use down.  Note: I had roughly the same thing for dinner.

Unfortunately, I decided to play basketball this afternoon to get some exercise, so I had to take another quick shower afterwards.  I also had to shave after my shower, which did use up a significant amount of water.

As day one ends, I have found that my biggest challenges are staying off of the computer as much as possible, and also keeping my appliances constantly unplugged.  In addition, I should not be buying any plastic products as I said I thought I could.  This means not caving into my daily smoothie craving, which will definitely take some will power.

Andrew Smith


  1. Haha that is so funny about your toe! Sorry for you though I bet it hurt. And I agree less than a minute shower? That is incredible. By the way i don’t think I could every give up meat in my diet, so what i found you can do in the mornings or afternoons is go to Aladdin’s breakfast restaurant in Granville. I’m pretty sure they use only local meat in their bacon and sausage.

  2. I was actually so impressed by your short shower, I was literally trying to figure out how in the world I could cut my down that much. Not sure it is possible, but I definitely want to time myself by the end of the week. Also, I like your note about lunch and dinner being similar. I feel like sometimes the dining options are limited (especially when you want to eat local). I have had a lot of bread and cheese today!

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