Impact, No Impact!

Today is the first day of no impact week. I haven’t had meat for two days and now I’m hungry.

Since last weekend, I have made a lot of conscious decisions. I unplugged all my devices when I didn’t need them. I took short showers to conserve water. My phone charger broke on Saturday morning therefore I haven’t had access to phone calls and texting. Surviving this face-to-face only communication feels great, I encourage you all to try it sometime.

I was going to get breakfast from Slayter this morning, however, I realized all the utensils are made of either plastics or paper. THAT STOPPED ME FROM GETTING MY BREAKFAST. Later I had some vegetable and soup  for lunch.

Ten minutes ago I received an email from the administration that says “Bon Appétit”, a dining service company that promotes simple, natural ingredients from local farmers, will replace sodexo next year. I’m really excited for that.

All the lights are off in my room right now, it’s kind of dark.

Ryan Li


  1. Same here Ry. Trying to eat less meat. And i definitely know what you mean by face to face communication being great, as I was unable to use my phone for a few days, except for about a few minutes or so, and I definitely felt like I wasn’t so attached to such a small object, which allowed me to get to talk more with people. Nice job so far

  2. I have also decided to be a vegetarian for the week however it’s been a lot easier for me since I don’t usually eat very much meat! I am also very excited for Bon Appetite because I eat a lot of local, fresh food at home and Sodexo has definitely been an adjustment this year! I’m sorry you didn’t get to eat breakfast, I’ve definitely found myself running into similar problems- not realizing how much waste we consume at certain places like Slayter.

  3. Ryan, I also am trying to avoid meat as much as possible. I have actually been feeling really good both physically and consciously since I started my break from meat last week. I thought that this would be one of the hardest things to give up. Turns out its one of the easiest so far…

  4. I’m so sorry you didn’t eat breakfast! I hope that the pros outweighed the cons for you in that situation. I also applaud you for going without a cell phone. It was not something I listed as my goals and I wish you good luck in getting through the week without it.
    I am also excited about Bon Appetit! I think it will be really cool and good for the Denison students.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Ryan, I too was excited to see that Bon Appétit will be our new food provider next year. I only wonder, however, what they mean when they say “simple, natural ingredients from local farmers.” Sodexo has a similar claim, but I personally was not aware of it until EB came to our class the other day and spoke to us about it. I am excited and interested to see how next fall is in terms of food in both the dining halls and Slayter. I also hope Bon Appétit advertises better their commitment to local, healthy, and natural ingredients because I think that the more people are aware of where their food comes from, the more people are aware of their food consumption! – Whitney

  6. I feel like I barely had a breakfast…and I am pretty hungry right now. Just remember it is not aceticism…but that doesn’t mean it is easy. I am also looking forward to more face to face communication. If only , I could turn off this computer 🙂

  7. Nice to see another classmate has decided to go without meat!

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