Lets Begin!

So it’s day one of No Impact week. In preparation I unplugged all my devices last night, making sure no energy was being wasted. Yup, even my phone, as soon as it reached 100% battery I unplugged it.

This morning I took a quick shower and managed to keep the lights off while doing so, and I dressed myself  without flipping on the switch as well! So far I have yet to use any plastic containers, I decided to get a healthy breakfast and ate some fruits instead.

As for food goals this week:

1. Avoid eating meat

2. Use my water bottle as the only container for beverages

3. Limit packaged foods, so no Slayter.

4. Limiting my going out dinners to only Granville.

So lets hope Curtis has some good veggie dinner options this week.

My friend also conveniently told me this weekend about how coconut  oil works wonders as conditioner. So, inspired by No Impact Man, I’ll give it a try for the week.

Kinga Magiera


  1. I love all these goals and I feel like they are all reasonable for me except number three. Since football ends later then Curtis is opened till, Slayter is the best option for me. Unless i order Elms, which gas is being used and excess materials are being thrown out like a pizza box.

  2. I had the same problem with all the devices plugged in, so that was one of the first things I did too. I have never heard of using coconut oil as conditioner, but that seems pretty interesting. This project is all about trying new alternatives to our everyday habits that we are used to, so that is pretty cool Kinga. Good luck!!

  3. The conditioner is such a good idea! I would like to encourage you in your no meat eating this week! I am a vegetarian, and curtis does not really provide many options. I recommend the veggie burger (you can order it in the back corner, however, add ALOT of ketchup). You got this, keep it up!

  4. Yes…I definitely want to know how the coconut oil works! Also, I found a place for you to eat! Check out Alfie’s in downtown Granville. It is a tiny shop across from the Granville Library. They have really good looking salads and vegetarian options and try to use local foods. I went today…I caved on coffee…and because they allowed me to use my own containers, I picked up some local food!

  5. Let me know how the conditioner worked out for you!

  6. It’s pretty cool that your friend shares environmentally friendly tips with you. Keep us updated please!

    ps.Granville restaurants will sure appreciate this project

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