No coffee…feels like aceticism

I’m already having my pizza moment.  I am definitely feeling the absence of my caffeine…or maybe it is the absence of my routine?  At any rate, it feels like I am giving up my worldly pleasure.  I want to be optimistic, as Luke suggests, but right now I am a bit grumpy.  Here is my thought process:

1) I can probably muster through these feelings for today and get on with things by the afternoon….but will I be able to go through this everyday?

2) If not, shouldn’t I just go ahead and get the coffee if I am already convinced I will probably get the coffee at some point later in the week?

3) Maybe, I can find something else local …tea is processed down the road at Petali and coffee is roasted and ground at River Road

4)…but then milk and sweetner?  Milk is local and I have some local honey!

5) But is the coffee and tea really local (beans from afar….herbs from???)

6) Still I would be supporting a local business…my dollars would go back into my economy

7) And i really need something to wash down my local bread, local jam, and local cheese….it was a pretty dry breakfast.

8)Ugh, it really feels like giving up a pleasure to give up a hot morning drink…what is the best option, how can I be happy with consuming less?  I think I am going to go for the local-ish tea with local honey and local milk

9) Ultimately, I am feeling very privileged that I can even do this (or for that matter even have time to have this conversation in my head)!

10) Yikes!!!  Just looked and they are CLOSED UNTIL WED!!!  This means I wouldn’t even be able to have tea until Wed. afternoon

To be continued….


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