No Warm Tomato Soup For Me

All throughout the year I have been slowly transitioning into a lifestyle less driven by consumption and societal pressures. My personal long-term goal is to eventually lead a low-impact lifestyle and this week will be a great way to really push forward.

All right! Let’s do this!

…My goodness. I caved! I plugged in my hair straightener for three minutes luckily is was only three minutes and not fifteen. I felt so bad especially after I told myself I would not…

I did it again. I used a paper towel when I could have just let my hands air dry. I have a new goal to add under my trash category. NO PAPER TOWELS!

Cheers to self-discipline! I went into Granville earlier and I thought about eating at Soup Loft but I showed some restraint. I denied myself of my worldly soup pleasure. I thought about the waste I would produce: the plastic spoon, bowl and bread wrapper. Then I got to thinking, sure it is nice that the spoon and bowl are made of recycled material but that doesn’t mean it is better trash.

Also, I have a huge sweet tooth. I am a notorious chocolate and gummy candy consumer.  I was in the mood for junk food today and I almost walked into Slayter, when I caught myself. One of my goals is to eliminate candy wrappers from my trash and so far so good. I wish trash could just disappear into thin air…

Today was a day full of conscious efforts…we’ll see how day two goes!

Hastea Darabian

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