Off to a good start!

Today is day one of “No Impact Week!” The first day has been more difficult than I anticipated. I have had to constantly remind myself to be conscious of my actions and break my normal routine in order to reduce my consumption. I have 14 electronic devices in my room, including my roommates and last night I unplugged them all with the exception of my fridge, fan and phone charger in order to conserve electricity. This morning when I was getting ready for the day I used my small desk light instead of the overhead light which further reduced my electricity consumption. Reducing my water consumption was a little bit more difficult. I usually take a 10-15 minute shower, sometimes even twice a day and my goal for “No Impact Week” was to reduce my shower time to 5 minutes. I was unsuccessful in achieving this goal this morning, however did shorten my shower time by about two minutes. Hopefully as the week progresses I will be able to improve and work towards my 5-minute goal. Eating without creating excessive waste has been a major obstacle for me today. I eat meal exchange in Slayter almost every night, however the plastic silverware, napkins, paper cups and food containers all add up and create a lot of waste. I have made it a goal to eat my meals in Curtis this week to reduce waste and so far I have been successful but I am less satisfied and I don’t think I would be willing to continue it beyond this week. By the end of the week I am going to have to restrain myself from going to Slayter! I have also chosen to eat vegetarian this week, which so far hasn’t been too difficult because meat isn’t usually a significant part of my diet while at school. Instead of driving to Whit’s this afternoon, I walked and got my ice cream in a cone to reduce plastic waste. This shows that I don’t need to give up all pleasures; I can still obtain them in an environmentally friendly way. I would consider the first day of “No Impact Week” to be a success however I am constantly becoming more aware of ways to reduce my consumption and conserve energy and feel I will improve as the week goes on.

Molly Burke


  1. Even though your shower wasn’t as short as you would have liked every minute off counts! Who knows by the end of the week you will reach your goal. With a little determination you can achieve it!

  2. I love that you still enjoyed Whit’s…but did it sustainably. You walked and went for the cone. This just shows how much you are thinking about your actions. I’m sure if you keep this up, you will definitely make improvements over the week. Also, how great was it to walk around this evening?!?

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