Rations are running dangerously low…

In the midst of the first day of no impact, the possibilities of plastic consumption and desires of electronic usage, I find myself outside of Shorney Hall among the trees. Writing my reflections about the day enjoying the outdoors and my minimal impact on the environment.

Starting off, I set a PR (Personal Record for all you non-track junkies) with shower time, clocking in just under 3 minutes. I hope to improve upon this mark in the coming week. Also included in water consumption came the minimal faucet use for brushing my teeth.

I then made my way over to Curtis for Breakfast, mind you I spent all morning without the lights on! For breakfast I took only what I was going to eat and left Curtis with a plate and a fork to wash.

Throughout my day of classes, was a mixed bag of electricity consumption due to lighting preferences of each professor. I will only hope that natural lighting will continue in increasing popularity.

The rest of the day included a nap with no lights or any electronics plugged in and a quick track practice! Followed by dinner, again with minimal consumption, then back to my room to CHILL. I’ve suffered form the lack of a cool breeze blowing from constant fans and the night seems almost too quiet without their buzz. I’ve also suffered from not being able to eat any more Curtis mints and have been tempted by those sitting in the bowl outside of their wrappers…

The biggest problem I face is the fact that I actually have 2 granola bars left for the entire year, therefore rations are running dangerously low. We will see how long until attrition gets the best of me.

Until next time!

Luke Romick


  1. I have the same issue with the granola bars. Being an athlete, I understand how easy it is to just grab a to-go granola/protein bar from Slayter when I get hungry during the day and bring it down to the locker room for practice. I am struggling a bit as well because I have one more bar left in my room and made it my goal to reduce waste from food products that are packaged. Therefore, if I were to buy another bulk of bars from Slayter (or Granville Market, etc) that would last me the rest of the year, I could probably fill up over half of my garbage can with just the wrappers (which, in fact, was another goal of mine: do not fill up over half of my garbage can with trash this week)! Good luck with your dangerously low rations, Luke!

  2. If you want to reduce faucet water, I suggest you try out getting a plastic cup and using it as a faucet cup, meaning you fill it up only when you need to, and use it when you brush your teeth, shave, etc. I have an extra cup if you need one, although you may want to wash it out, just so no germs are spread haha. Otherwise, you can probably cut off part of a Gatorade bottle and use that as your cup, or something like that. Best of luck

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