A Neccesary Evil

I consider myself a man of character having good morals. One of the morals is honesty which I am about to display right now. Today i realized my car was parked behind smith and shorney, a spot restricted to freshman drivers and cars. My car has been parked there since Sunday and luckily I had not received a ticket a ticket Monday nor today. I remembered it was parked there today after practice so i had an internal dilemma of whether to risk a 40$ ticket, or to drive my car and hurt the environment. Honestly this internal battle didn’t last very long because I would rather not pay 40$ than hurt the environment for the 30 seconds it takes to drive down to the sunnies. So yes I admit to performing an act which hurt the environment during no impact week, but i propose a question, would any of you have done different if you were in my situation?

On a positive note, the trip to the grocery store inspired me to eat more locally grown food. Therefore today I returned to the grocery store and bought 2 packs of locally grown apples. One pack I have already eaten due to my love for fruit. For my other meals I ate some locally produced corn and not so local chicken. Tonight I also went to slayter and ordered a pizza flatbread and requested it not be put on the plastic sheet it came with.

I have only taken one shower, 3 min, i timed and this is also the first time I have been on my computer all day. Still no water bottles for me either so overall I have succeded so far in my goals for no impact week, other than the 30 seconds I burned gasoline sending green house gases into our environment.

Ryan Smith


  1. The struggle is real, but I believe you made the correct choice. Also good job handling the rest of the day and bouncing back from the internal battles.

  2. You’re so lucky you did not get a ticket… I’ve gotten two this past week.
    Anyways, it sounds like you’re really doing a great job keeping up with your goals! And even though you ate in Slayter, you reduced your impact without it being that big of a deal! Pretty cool. Good work.

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