Day 1-2

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post due to technical difficulties last night because I was already signed into another blog on the Denison system. So the first day I hate to say went better than today! Having only one class today really causes me to be lazy and not do the things  I usually do on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Yesterday I ate both breakfast and lunch in Curtis and did not leave any waste behind. I tried to stay clear of meat and had a bowl of rice and some chicken. For dinner however, my schedule was conflicted with lacrosse so it was hard to eat during a regular time. I ended up breaking a goal of mine and going to slayter. I got a chicken sandwich but did not get a plate. As I went throughout the day I kept noticing the little things which made it easier for me.

As for my showers, I took one in the morning before class that was 2 minutes long! My goal is to keep them under three and that is something I can stick to. I also took one after practice that was under 3 minutes so I was happy about that. I shut my shower off because in the locker room we usually keep the showers on even after you get out. Electricity was hard because I was in the library for most of the day, but my 8:30 class had the lights off and the blinds up! As well as our class at 9:30.

Today was a different story. My mom came this weekend to visit and she bought me two cases of waters. I forgot until this morning I had them and I brought two with me to A-quad before our lab today. I ended up eating at slayter before class and had to throw away my trash from my sandwich and recycle my yogurt container. My goal of eating at Curtis to reduce waste was not kept up. Walking to IGA really made me realize that I haven’t walked to town in a longgg time and I forgot how short of a walk it was! That was good for me to realize. Also walking back I was talking with some classmates about how just two days into this week it definately forces you to think about the little things.

After my practice today, I did shower in the locker room again and did turn off my shower after. I am trying to get my teammates to take shorter showers too, so we’ll see how that works out. I can say I have not been in a room with electricity today all that much. Only in the library, slayter and the locker room I was in the light. Back in Crawford, I have kept them off. After practice, Curtis was closed so I was forced to eat at Slayter again. Twice in one day. Terrible, I know. I had to recycle and throw away my waste. It’s too bad but I am sticking to my goal of eating at Curtis once again, and hopefully I can have a better day tomorrow than today! See you guys tomorrow.

Michael Anastos

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