Day 2

So far I have not been having the easiest time with this project. Although I did better on my water consumption today I had problems with other aspects in my goals. I only took a 5 minute shower today, and my goal was a maximum of ten minutes so I was happy about that.

I tend to have more trouble when I’m in Slayter because I always go there for breakfast because it is closer to my class and I am normally running late and don’t have time to walk to Curtis. So I had another paper plate this morning, but fortunately I remembered to use my reusable water bottle!

Lunch was a bit easier today because I was able to compost all of my trash. I also had an easier time at dinner when I went to Curtis because I was also able to recycle everything.

I spend a bit more time on my computer today because I have a paper due tomorrow. I also had to figure out my class schedule for next year so that also took some extra time on the computer or at least more than I had planned. I didn’t create much of any trash though besides my paper plate which I was pretty excited about.

Overall it was a pretty good day, my shower was short, I didn’t produce much waste and I didn’t drive anywhere.

Kate Wright


  1. Ah you’re right, I totally forgot to mention in my post that class scheduling also had me on my computer a lot more than I expected today, therefore consuming more electricity than a typical day. I had an 8:00 time slot for scheduling but I had to wait on my computer until 9:15 just for class scheduling in addition to all my school work that requires a computer.

  2. Oh…that pizza truck is so tempting. I love pizza. I wonder if they would give it to you on your own plate/container??? Kate, good job on the recycling and composting! Good luck tomorrow…third time (day) is a charm!

  3. Well Kate, awesome job my friend. I had a hard time making the walk to Curtis instead of Slayter too! Also the pizza truck is right by our dorm and I really wanted the Pizza!

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