Day 2

So today went far more smoothly than yesterday. I woke up to my phone, which was charging last night I must admit (I did unplug it), and took a 10 min shower exactly, of course with having to wash my hair it takes longer than Andrew who got down to less than a minute. I woke up later than normal so I again didn’t have to worry about turning on the lights. I did, however, have to use my computer plugged in for 10 mins because I had to back up my phone. I also didn’t eat breakfast because I woke up so late. I headed to Curtis and ate a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich. The bread is local, but that was probably about it for the local items in that meal. After lunch as I was sitting in my Spanish class, I caved! I NEEDED GUM! I can at least say it was my only piece of the day, I think that is pretty successful.

I had tried to convince myself to walk down to IGA multiple times this year, and each time decided against it, so today was good to see that it really isn’t that far.

In between lab and dinner I had to sit on the computer for 30 mins and write a short writing assignment, but I used a computer in the library because those are always on anyway. For dinner I had a sandwich so probably again it was just the local bread. Only one napkin used again, and I remembered to only drink water! Of course also course registration is tonight so I’ll be on the computer again for that!

Today was an improvement, but I think I can do even better.

Ashley Yearwood


  1. Its good to see how conscious you are about this project – and that you think you can improve! There are some things, gum MAY be one of them, that sometimes we can’t avoid. I think being conscious about napkin use is great. I do the same thing and I watch the people I eat with use a new napkin each time they want to wipe their mouth.

  2. Definitely an improvement! And good thinking on the library computers. I might have to head over there at some point! My computer use is much higher than I anticipated. Of course, it is mostly for work….but I find that it is definitely getting in the way of my attempts this week.

  3. Great to hear another person only drinking water! And don’t feel too harsh about the gum habit, it takes quite some time to break a habit.

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