Day 2: A sore throat..

Unfortunately, this past week I’ve developed some what of a sore throat and cold. It’s been frustrating because it’s the time of the year when I feel like all of my school work is piling up. It’s also kept the amount of trash I generate up because I’ve been popping cough drops like it’s my job. To try to cut down on the amount of cough drops I consume, I’ve been thinking about some of my mother’s home remedies.. gargling with salt water or tea with honey. I’m going to try to reduce my garbage by drinking tea with honey. If I take my reusable mug to Slayter, I can get a compostable tea bag and a packet on honey.

So far my goals have been going well. I haven’t driven anywhere off campus, bought anything new and this morning I cut my morning shower down to 5 minutes. This was nice because it also saved me some time in the morning. I’m struggling to stick to my energy goal of charging my laptop and phone only once a day. My phone died last night around 7 and I plugged it back in without thought.

As I walked around campus today I remembered that it was “One Day Without Shoes” which is a TOMS awareness campaign to call attention to how many children in other countries grow up without shoes. It asks you to go one day without shoes to raise awareness and understanding. While I kept my shoes on, I did think about the TOMS business model quite a bit. When a consumer buys a pair of TOMS, another pair gets sent overseas to a child in need. This creates a carbon footprint as the shoes are sent to both us and overseas, as well as resources that go into the shoe. I own a pair of TOMS which I love and felt great about purchasing but they do wear down pretty quickly. What happens when a child overseas TOMS wear out? Can they get a new pair? Or do they go back to walking without shoes? It was interesting to think of how much this contrasts with our society where we would go and buy another pair. As well as the impact made by the industry.

Aprile Doubt


  1. Really good points, Aprile. This really makes me think about this type of consumerism…is it a way to make us feel less guilty about consumption….I mean it is still consumption….it is almost masking the real issue. Hmmmm……

  2. Wow, i have probably 4 or 5 pairs of TOMS and i never thought of the environmental issues and energy used to make and ship not just one but two pairs of shoes to two very different locations in the world. this has also made me think of the countless times i have ordered something online, and then returned it. These are two trips that consume mass amounts of energy for absolutely no reason.

  3. I hope you will feel better. One of my classmates was doing the one day without shoes. It’s such a good cause. I feel like it would be a better idea for TOMS to ship more durable pair of shoes to kids without shoes in other countries. Because sometimes they not only have no shoes, but also no roads!

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