Day 2 – getting better

So today has been a lot better, despite some setbacks. For starters, I was able to use my computer today without having to charge it, which is a huge relief. I have tried to stay away from using my computer and staying inside so much, although that can be hard with registration, course evals, and having 3 classes in 1 day, although going to IGA was definitely a nice break from staying inside of an artificial light for an entire lab. In addition, I’ve been a lot better with my energy consumption, as I finally unplugged everything in my room that belongs to me, except for my extension cord, although I tend to turn it off when I’m not using it to charge my computer. I was also able to talk to my roommate about not using his boxfan when neither of us are in the room, although I noticed the room was much hotter than before despite having the window open, since it tends to get really hot in our room.

I’ve also been better with the food I eat, as I did not eat any meat today, which is pretty rare, but I’ve found that hummus acts as a nice replacement for the turkey and chicken I usually put in my sandwiches. However, I did cave and finally go to Slayter, since I had to rush to the writing center and had no time to get something from Curtis. Despite this, I don’t feel too bad, because I got a sandwich without a plate, as well as fruit and no drink, meaning that I avoided using a plate and cup which I would’ve just thrown away. I’ve also continued to use my water cup, which has been great since I’m realizing how much water I’m not using when I brush my teeth.

Hopefully tomorrow will be even better, since I hope to talk with my roommate more about this week, and try to continue to eat no meat, although that can be hard here since there are so few healthy and/or enjoyable meals available that dont contain meat. Definitely not looking forward towards laundry tomorrow though, since I have A LOT of stuff to wash.

Sam Wallace

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