Day 2: Local Food Dilemma

Today in lab, we spent the time focusing on local food and sustainable eating options as a whole.  This reminded me that I was not exactly as conscious as I could have been yesterday and today regarding my sustainable eating habits.  I mean I have been doing my best to keep to my goals to reduce trash and waste by going to the dining halls and getting food on a plate rather than packaged Slayter food, but I forgot to think about where the food I am about to eat comes from or what kind of energy input is involved with its process of getting to my plate.  I did my best to think about this fact during dinner at Curtis, but it is still extremely difficult.  The dining hall only offers so many options, (and only a few that Sodexo can actually cook), so it is difficult to get local food, or at least local food that is edible, because I wouldn’t want to get something on my plate only to eat one bite and realize Sodexo ruined it.  Not during No Impact Week!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a car on campus so I really can’t buy my own food, but even if I were to walk to IGA as we did in class (especially, now that we learned about many different local/sustainable meal options in lab), I am not sure if I would be able to actually cook it since I live in a dorm with only a common room kitchen.  (I would not trust cooking in a common kitchen because it is not very clean).  This is a very difficult speed bump in my No Impact experience, and it at least comforts me that Colin also struggled with this aspect during his No Impact year.  I will do my best to master the “local food dilemma” this week because of course one of my goals is “Eat local foods when possible.”  Have to stick to those goals!

In other news, I am proud of myself because I have begun using a reusable and washable plastic cup to brush my teeth.  It has really made a difference in my water usage and I feel like it was a good idea.

Alexander Sterdjevich

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