Day 2: Not Bad

Today was actually a good day. Much better than yesterday. I live in Shepardson Hall which has huuuuge windows so I utilized the beautiful sunlight streaming in instead of switching on any lights. I took around an 8 minute shower, where I shampooed and conditioned my hair, which was definitely ¬†an improvement from before. Usually I end up taking at least a 15 minute shower when I wash my hair because I tend to become very existential and start reflecting on life. It was when I was conditioning that I realized I was running out and I would have to throw this bottle away and buy a new one. It got me thinking (after I got out of the shower) about all of my other toiletries and cosmetics that I had lying around all over my room. Every time I run out of shampoo or moisturizer, I instantly throw the bottle away and buy a new one or order it online. I don’t even think of recycling or reusing the bottle. So a new goal – recycle shampoo bottles and/or find creative ways to reuse them. Also, it made me think about all the chemicals we put on ourselves and in our water. Apart from this minor epiphany, I did not encounter any other struggles today. I ate at the dining hall, unplugged everything before I left for class (I plugged my phone charger in at night…still working on this..sshh), this is the first time I’m using my laptop today, used my own mug for tea and I did not have any wrapper waste today! I ate a lot of fruits when I felt like snacking instead of chocolates and poptarts. I think today was easier because I had the notion of NI in the back of my mind and subconsciously I did things that were more environmental than usual.

Deepshri Mathur


  1. My conditioner bottle ran out yesterday too! And luckily it is a #1 recyclable so I was able to recycle it. Your post got me thinking about how we could reuse shampoo/conditioner bottles as we saw done in the YouTube video with the “No Waste” family. I feel in today’s society this is not really an option and even if it is, people rarely put in the effort to bring in their old bottles to re-use. I’m sure you can find other creative ways to re-use them!

  2. Yay! I’m glad things went better today and I bet there are plenty of ways to reuse your bottle like with everything else. One just has to use their creativity. I proud of you for not eating chocolate and snacking more on fruit…I ate a lot of Nutella today..I wonder how many processes that has gone through!

  3. That’s greet to hear Deepshri! After starting N/I, I started to eat healthy as well. I believe the whole point of this experiment is to root the N/I concept in our mind and you are already doing N/I subconsciously and it’s only the beginning of the week.

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