Day two No Impact. IGA is one depressing place.

My day has been going smoothly so far. I fell asleep pretty late last night and I thought of a lot of possible ways to conserve energy and lower carbon footprint.

When you think at night, somewhat outrageous thoughts tend to come up: should people travel less? should people cut down from leisure traveling by air or any sort of transportation? Should you always eat local food? What if you are at a place where you don’t even recognize its traffic signs…should you go along with what they eat locally? What if you don’t like it? I know there are certain foods in China that a lot of people from the west would rather starve than give it a try.. So what do you all think? We are living in a global community and we can all consider ourselves world travelers, it is really something that we should think about.. don’t you think?

I enjoyed today’s lab to IGA, but there weren’t any local veggies; that really depressed me. I hope they will start taking baby steps towards eating local and supporting local farmers (since they are already charging a higher price than other more mainstream grocery stores).

It’s amazing to see how many different menus we can come up with as a class. It was an impressive and eye-opening learning experience, I’m sure everyone really enjoyed the weather and the trip.

Ryan Li


  1. Ryan to totally agree, it is very frustrating to see that so little of our food is actually local. Now that I am aware of this I wonder what people ate before every variety of food is shipped around the country to satisfy our wants.

  2. I also left the IGA feeling a little bothered by the lack of fresh produce available in the IGA. This was coupled with being disheartened on finding almost nothing in the supermarket without a little packaging. It bothers me because we all have this idea that packaging things makes them more sanitary or cleaner.. but when you really think about it, is eating food that’s been packaged in petroleum products that much better? I agree that this week has really made me question the ways in which we consume as well as the ways in society shapes our consumption.

  3. I completely agree with you Ryan, and Michael. We should all learn to try new experiences or foods, whether it is a a foreign food that seems strange to us, or even a new sustainable food option. I always do my best to try something new even if it doesnt go well (then I just don’t do it again). It is a problem that IGA does not have many sustainable fruits or vegetables as that is essential to any healthy diet. I posted about today’s lab as well because it definitely was a true learning experience and fun as well.

  4. Ryan, I completely understand those questions. They have come up with me too. I feel like this week we all seem to question ourselves and question every little thing we do. It is hard to eat locally, especially being on campus and not having much of a choice but when we are at home these are things we need to consider and do for the good of the environment as hard as they are. I also noticed there were no veggies which is something I love so I hope IGA can start getting more local in that department.

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