day two: not so easy

so today i broke a lot of my rule.

because my roommate was still sleeping when i got up and i couldn’t open the window because the bright sunlight would definitely wake her up, i had to turn on one of the lights in my room for half an hour. i also had to charge my phone last night and ran out the door without unplugging my charger. 9 am and i already broke 2 of my rules, but wait there’s more.

i had classes and meetings from 10 to 420 today so i didn’t have time to eat in curtis so i ate a protein bar and a salad in a plastic container with a plastic fork. thankfully the container was recyclable so i didn’t feel as bad but i still had to throw away a wrapper, napkins and a plastic fork. going into this week i thought it was going to be very easy to eat every meal at curtis because thats usually what i always do, but not today.

i am also pretty disappointed in the amount of napkins and paper towels i use without even thinking. it’s such a hard habit to break but it needs to stop!

lab was really fun today and i was actually surprised with the variety of meals groups came up with including mostly local foods. packaging however is still a major problem and like i said in class what’s worse a grapefruit from florida without packaging or corn from ohio in a styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic?

on a more positive note i haven’t driven anywhere today, eaten meat or showered… yet haha so no energy consumption there.

i am finding how easy it is to just mindlessly consume but at the same time i also feel the disappointment and anger that Colin feels at the end of his no impact year when i fail to meet my goals. no impact week is turning out to be harder than i expected.

Francesca Gentile


  1. I agree with you and Ashley because i am also having trouble with mindless consumption, habits are hard to break! I’m sure tomorrow will be easier if your class schedule is more open hopefully you can go to Curtis! Good job not eating meat though! I have a lot of trouble with that..

  2. I completely agree with what you said about mindlessly doing things. Good job at not going to whits today!!

  3. I completely understand your disappointment about how easy it is for us to consume and create a bigger impact that we want without thinking. I understand your thoughts on packaging and am really curious as to what the difference in the impacts would be. (As well as the difference between a fruit from Ecuador and chicken raised in Ohio?) Also I’m wondering when we began to believe that food packaged in plastics and petroleum products were cleaner and more sterile than unpacked foods sitting out and touching each other? It seems so counterintuitive when you begin to question it… the questions this week is raising for me are beginning to be really troubling.

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