Hybird or Not! Be conscious of it.

Things were going quite well….

I opened the blinds in the morning.

10-minute shower.

I did not use paper towels.

Not once did I step into Slayter.

I refused my friends’ offer to eat dinner at Slayter.

I did not turn on the lights until 8:00 p.m.

Yada yada…

But there was one problem. I had errands to do off campus and my friends drove her car…but at least it was a hybrid. No! That is not an excuse but I really needed to buy t-shirts, spray paint and a retractable knife for a project. I felt horrible! Especially when I the cashier handed me two plastic bags. My friend pointed out that my consumption was proof that No Impact Week is hard to do and it is but my goal is to lessen my impact in the long run. I am not constantly worrying about what I can do to shrink my ecological footprint because it is something I have been thinking about for a long time. It did not start with No Impact Week and little by little I am working towards my goal. But I will put further emphasize on this week and challenge myself.

Hastea Darabian

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  1. Hastea, I too was VERRRY tempted to go with my friends to Chipotle tonight for dinner. It took the utmost willpower to decline the invitation. I suppose getting supplies for a project is not a matter of temptation though…

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