It’s only a matter of time…

I find myself back outside in the same spot I was yesterday, among the trees. I find it welcoming to be outside yet at the same time having little impacts! On to the highlights of the day!

Local shopping seemed very efficient, especially with our feet used for transportation. Wish we could have brought the food back and actually prepared the meals instead of the usual Curtis ordeal.

Speaking of Curtis, I tried to cut out as much meat as I could but everybody has there weaknesses! Ate a majority of vegetables and locally produced items for Lunch and Dinner because I did not have Breakfast this morning!

On to Electricity, I have seemingly cut out all electricity usage except for: Phone Charger, Building Lights and Computer charging as well. Class registration was quite the debacle.

Water consumption was low today because I dropped my shower time again! Down to 2min 25seconds!

Plastic usage has significantly increased today, I ate both of the remaining two granola bars due to extreme hunger! It’s only a matter of time until fatigue and malnutrition take over!

That’s all for today! Over and out!

Luke Romick


  1. Well done Luke! Real impressed with the cut down of the water supply today especially with the shower. I feel like if we were at our own homes with better food supplies it would be easier.. i think.. what about you?

  2. Luke, good to hear that you brought your shower time down again…As for the Curtis issue, I have found that it is much easier to stay veggie if you stick to creating your own meals there. The stir fry station offers great alternatives to meat, and the salads are actually pretty good if you do em right. Try the red wine vinaigrette with lots of black beans and spinach!

  3. I may have some old granola bars laying around, which would be great since I don’t plan on eating them and you would save both money and waste. It would be a win-win situation for both of us. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I find them

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