Not as easy as I thought

Although I had a strong start to day 1 with making little impact, the afternoon didn’t go as well.

I went to Whits and go a scoop of their delicious Buckeye custard, but it came in a plastic cup and plastic spoon. Then I realized I could have just went for a cone and that would have been no waste.

Then I went to wash my hands after the sticky custurd and I had no hand towel. So it was either paper towel dryer and dryer, pick your evil. I went for the hand dryer

I have however accomplished to only drink water so far.

Kinga Magiera


  1. You can always let your hands naturally air dry! That way you don’t have to use a paper towel or the hand dryer. Just wait a little bit until your hands dry before touching things you don’t want to get wet.

  2. I also have troubles deciding between a hand dryer and a paper towel to dry my hands so that’s always up for debate. Sorry about the plastic waste but at least now you know if you go down to Whits again to get a cone, at least now you are aware of it and won’t make the same mistake again!

  3. I have run into similar problems. At times I will be carrying my goals with be and will be as conscious as I can about my environmental impact, but at other times it is definitely difficult to remember the little things like cup vs. cone, hand towel, etc. I have only been drinking water as well, which is both healthier and more environmentally friendly than other drinks.

  4. You bring up a good point, whats better using a paper towel and then throwing it away or using the hand dryer which requires electricity to run and warm the air coming out? over the past few days i have found myself asking the question of which is greener quite a lot.

  5. I agree with Ryan as the weather gets warmer Whits becomes a more popular and popular place. The cone over cup debate is always huge but this week its good at least you realized after! That’s what its all about if we all take the time to question what we do, at least give it thought, then in the future we will make the better decision!

  6. Thank you for bringing it up. As the weather gets warmer, everyone will pay more visits to Whits and picking cones over cups is definitely something to consider before making that order!
    ps. drinking water is very good for your body. I’m glad to hear that!

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