The second day of no impact week was a bit more difficult. I woke late up and was in a hurry, so I was unable to shower, therefore conserving water, however I am planning on showering tonight so hopefully I can shorten my shower time to 5 minutes, which was my goal for the week. I wanted to carpool as much as possible this week, however every Tuesday I participate in Big Brothers Big Sisters at Wilson Middle School in Newark and there are no other Denison students to commute with so I was forced to drive alone. Luckily, Wilson Middle School is only about 15 miles round trip from Denison’s campus, so my fossil fuel consumption was minimal. I figured that my fossil fuel usage was justifiable since I was giving back to the local community.

As for food waste, I ate breakfast in Curtis, which unlike Slayter, allows for no plastic or paper food waste, only food waste, so I tried to only take as much as I needed. Just my luck, my cranberry juice spilled at breakfast and I had to use a ton of napkins since I hadn’t planned for this-oops! Luckily the napkins in Curtis are compostable! Also, I had to restrain myself from grabbing a plastic wrapped breath mint on my way out. For dinner I caved and grabbed Meal X in Slayter, which I was initially trying to avoid this week because eating there tends to result in a lot of paper and plastic waste. I tried to keep my waste to a minimal by getting a salad, which comes in a recyclable container, fresh fruit that has no packaging and I decided not to take a paper cup. My only waste turned out to be my plastic fork so I feel less guilty about eating in Slayter and know that I can eat there in the future without creating excessive waste.

Just a few minutes ago, my friend gave me his juice cup he had grabbed from Slayter at breakfast. I drank it, thinking the container could be recycled-wrong. It is frustrating that Denison only accepts recyclables 1 & 2 because this was a 6 and therefore was unable to be recycled. Lab today made me more aware and conscious of where my food comes from so I checked to see if the juice was local or had local ingredients-wrong again. The label read: “concentrate from USA and/or New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and China.” That is a lot of fossil fuels to transport that tiny juice carton. Now I feel a little guilty….

Molly Burke

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  1. Haha I totally understand molly, there are so many things that slyater and Denison has that can be recycled, just not recycled at Denison! Today I actually found myself educating some of my friends in which recyclable products they use. It went over well with same and not so well with others, one of which stated “I dont care if ithe wrapper cant be recycled, these Oreos just taste so damn good!”

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