Ugh….it finally happened

I used paper towels!  I was staring out the window, not even thinking and just reached over and grabbed 2 paper towels (really one but it’s halved) to cover my plate before microwaving.  Ugh.  I was doing so good on trash.  I have like 3-4 items in my bag and they are all so small….and now, I have 2 paper towels.  What is our obsession with paper towels?  They seem to make things easier, but they are such a waste.  I mean we literally use them for seconds before throwing away.  Maybe I can re-use my paper towels?

Overall, day two has been tough.  On top of the paper towels, I also decided to use a light in the bathroom…taking the time to get matches to light the candle to wash my face and brush my teeth seemed crazy.  Plus, I’m using a match every time (more waste) and when I think I don’t need the candle any more, I blow it out…only to realize 5 min. later that I need to go back in the bathroom for something else.  And, I have had to use the computer much more than I had hoped (3 hrs at work and 1 at home).

Yesterday I was feeling the weight of NI….it felt slow, deliberate and I even managed to chat with my neighbors on two occasions because I spent so much time outside.  It took me an hour to make dinner and an hour to clean (by candlelight!).  And today I feel rushed. I feel like I’m in constant work mode and I”m not feeling Colin-esque. I have a paper that I need to make comments on, I have papers to grade and I’m out of light. I still want to go for a walk but it’s about to be dark.  Maybe we actually need the luxury of time to feel the weight of this challenge??? Or maybe I am just doing this wrong!?!

Really hoping for a better tomorrow!



  1. You’re not fighting a loosing battle! The interesting part of this project is that the effort and result is what the individual makes it. (With your use of candle light) It is clear that you are taking this very seriously. As I have learned in your classes, concessions have to be made to gain a positive out put. Perfection isn’t possible! Ambition is a possible downside because lofty goals can promote failure and discouragement.

  2. That’s too bad about the paper towels, funny how we had that conversation on the way back about them! I do understand how you can just grab them without even thinking. That’s like how I am with my napkins at dinner! I always use so many but today tried to reduce it to one and I was able to. As long as you keep them down to a minimum then you can cut it out completely!

  3. Aw, it’s only day 2. Colin also had the luxury of doing this project over the span of a year, we only have a week to figure everything it out. It’s a learning process. Tomorrow will be better 🙂
    Also, I was wondering, instead of using a candle for going to get something would a flashlight seem even crazier?

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