Who Needs Meat When You Have SRIRACHA?

Thankfully, today started out on a much better note than yesterday.  On Tuesdays, I do not have class until our lab, so I got to get up a little later than yesterday, which was nice.  I also managed to avoid the table leg on my way to turning on the lights, so it was definitely a good start to the day.

I was again capable of keeping my shower time under a minute today, which continues to be a pretty easily achievable goal.  After my shower, I went and got breakfast in Curtis where I continued my vegetarian diet by eating toast topped with roasted red pepper hummus and cucumbers.  I have found this to be a delicious and satisfying breakfast lately.  It also makes a great side to any lunch or dinner.  I encourage everyone to try it out.

After our lab, I played a game of IM softball with my friends until the storm rained us out.  I was very muddy after the game and I had to take another shower, but again I kept it to under a minute.  After my shower, I went to Curtis and got my toast with hummus and cucumber again.  I also had a broccoli, spinach, and bell pepper stir-fry, which was also really awesome for anyone who is trying to avoid meat.  Note: Sriracha works WONDERS!

Unfortunately, I have all of my classes tomorrow, so I have been on the computer for several hours today, which is not ideal, but it had to happen.  Over the time that I was working, I got up to go to the bathroom a couple times and both times I entered, both showers were dripping water because people did not turn them all the way off.  And when I say dripping, I mean a steady stream of water was leaking from both of them.  When I went to turn them all the way off, I noticed that the handles were both loose, making it much more difficult to turn the water off completely.

This makes me wonder how on top of maintenance Denison really is when it comes to fixing things like this that waste energy and resources.  I have filed a work order to get both handles fixed.  Only time will tell how long it will take them to actually come out and fix it…

Andrew Smith


  1. I envy you for taking showers under a minute. I need to improve on that aspect for sure. As for the Sriracha, It is my favorite sauce in the entire world. I put it on everything: eggs, sandwiches, meat, stir fry ect.

  2. Still do not understand how people cannot eat meat in their diet, as I commented in class today, we were given our canines for a reason. Still impressed about your shower skills man, keep it up!

  3. Sriracha really does make anything better. So glad to see that other people love it as much as me. Good idea though. I’ve been looking for a good substitute for meat, since I’m thinking hummus might start to get old for me, which is a problem considering how much I love hummus. Also still amazed that someone can take a shower for so short, especially after playing the mud…

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