Day 3

This morning I used slightly less waste than the past two days in Slayter so I am pretty happy about that. Although early this afternoon I had some of my friends popcorn that was packaged, so I am not sure if that counts.

This morning I took a very short shower it was around 3-4 minutes so I was very impressed with myself there. But I had to turn on the lights while getting ready this morning because it was overcast we had minimal natural lighting in our room. But on the bright side I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered to unplug my phone while it was charging!

Unfortunately at dinner I was unable to minimize my waste because curtis only had disposable silverware, plates, bowls and cups. Each only held a small amount which made it even more difficult to minimize my usage.  This was probably my biggest shortcoming of the day.

Tonight I am going to be driving a little bit but we are going to be carpooling with more than 4 people. So at least I am following that rule!

Kate Wright


  1. Wow Kate, I’m impressed you’ve been able to shorten your shower to 3-4 minutes. I made it a goal for the week to get mine under 5 but I have yet to accomplish that so nice work on your speediness! I was also frustrated with Curtis, I went to lunch early though so I didn’t have to use a disposable plate but a lot of other people did- so much waste!

  2. I was proud when I saw you this morning on how much you were able to cut down on your waste in Slayter! Curtis was a struggle for all of us. Oh well! Glad you’re carpooling to the oh so fun event you have planned tonight, if it is fun event!

  3. Wow. Good for you! I still can’t get my showers under 8 minutes. And I had the same problem with Curtis, and as April said, it wasn’t our fault this time. But you’re doing so well otherwise, keep it up!

  4. Kate, I also experienced going to Curtis to reduce waste today just to be served with all plastic and paper plates. It was a little frustrating because each day I am trying to be better and better about all of the small waste I accumulate… just to walk into Curtis and have to use paper and plastic. But at least this time it wasn’t our fault! Don’t give up on your goals!

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