Day 3: Quite a Day…

Unfortunately today was not exactly the ideal No Impact Day, because I had many commitments and most of the impacts were out of my control.  I had class from 9:30 am to 4:20pm straight (no breaks), therefore I had to eat packaged food because no time to stop and enjoy a sustainable meal unfortunately.  I had a seminar to go to at 4:30, a banquet at 6, and a review session at 8:30.  In other words, no sustainable meals or Ho-Hum for me, it was a very busy day with eating whatever food I was given and using lights all day long because it was out of my control.  Additionally, my Chemistry lab from 1:30-4:20 consisted of 3 hours on my laptop.  I am finally now able to control my impact for the day but it is already 10pm and I need to use lights because it is dark and I have online assignments due tom.

The positives from today were that I conserved water by using a cup instead of running water to brush my teeth, and I continued my short shower habits (around 6 mins or so).  I hope that tom will go over better; I don’t have as many commitments.  I have been doing well Monday and Tuesday, but today was out of my control.

After a day like today, I can definitely see why Colin claims that we, as Americans, need some more ho-hum in our lives.  That is no electronics or running from place to place just for a period of time.  Even if it is just a very short break!  We can all learn a thing or two from Europeans who take the time to sit for 1-2 hours and just relax and enjoy a meal while sitting outside at a restaurant.  It would be very relaxing and a great stress reducer.  As Americans, we are always going from place to place, one stress to a second stress, as Colin described and sometimes need to just stop.

Alexander Sterdjevich


  1. I totally agree with you on your ho-hum thoughts. We can start out by trying to live without the excessive use of cell phones and other modern technologies like gaming and internet surfing. We can definitely use one hour or two out of each day to experience the ho-hum moments of life.

  2. It is hard to have ho-hums especially when life keeps us so occupied. I think that ho-hums are a luxury (since time is luxury) and it also depends on your situation. For us college students, ho-hums are very rare on our normal lives and if we do have time for them it would be on the weekends. I am trying to include more ho-hums in my life but time will probably not permit me to do so.

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