2nd Day – Being famished and efficiency vs. sustainability

Today was harder than the first day.. food wise. I noticed that today in the dining hall that they had very minimum vegetarian options (no surprise). Other days I get by but today it was difficult. Almost all the lines consisted of meat, so I went to the salad bar and got turned off by how not fresh the romaine lettuce and other toppings looked. So most of today I was famished. Good news is that I used a total of 4 napkins! Perhaps this is because of the lack of food I consumed due to the poor selections. I noticed that because I consumed less food I was extra lethargic. I took 2 naps when I had 6 hrs of sleep. It definitely is difficult to choose raw foods especially as a college student when food options are so limited when we need the extra energy to study/function well in class.

Besides food, I keep using paper towels to dry my hands in the academic buildings. I use the WC in between classes so I am on the rush to class. The quickest way to dry my hands of course are paper towels, which I take for granted so that my notes are not soaked in h20. However, when I am back in the dorm I never use the dryer since it’s weak and takes a longer for my hands to dry, so I use my towel. So the thought carrying a small hand towel came to my mind. It will be sustainable and also quicker; however, the downside is that the towel will it take up additional space in my backpack and will sometimes be a hassle to take out.

I’ve noticed that I struggle not being wasteful on campus due to the fact that I live by what is efficient/quick. It’s difficult to be both efficient and sustainable since it seems like what is efficient either harms the environment in some way or contributes unnecessary waste. I try hard to subconsciously think about better ways to do what I am doing or if it is necessary. As a student it’s difficult since I am always seeking for what is the quickest since time is precious.

Update on my shower progress: 9 mins..I beat my goal of 10 mins. I’m trying to cut down by a min each day. I showered in lukewarm water, which is maybe why I spent less time in the shower…Maybe I will slowly transition to cold h20 and see how much time I save..

Sarah Ko


  1. I agree with the food options! I hear next year our Food Service is going to be Bon Appetite which is highly regarded and one of the best. Given that is for next fall.. you might try to have to make due with what you have. Good job on the showering. Keep getting down 1 minute a day that’s what it is all about improvement. Good to see.

  2. Sarah, as for the food options I totally agree! I went to the UPC induction ceremony and the vegetarian options were slim to nothing. Hopefully our new food provider next year will be more conscious of that.

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