3rd day – Getting the most of your buck

Today I made progress since the first day such as using paper towels once after washing hands. However, I was not able to decrease my napkin usage from 4. I hope by tomorrow I use only 2.

I failed again with food since I did not have a choice but to get meal x because time did not permit me to eat dinner in the dining hall. The good news is that I did not get a plastic bag to carry my food to my dorm on east quad. I also used my own utensils I had in my room to reduce my plastic usage. The only plastic that I consumed is the salad container. I also did not get a drink or soup that it comes with and just used my water bottle. Usually for meal x I try to get everything that the meal x plan permits me since I want to get the most I can. Being more environmentally conscious means that I will not be getting the most out of my meal swipe such as today (no drink, no soup, no utensils) and so I felt ripped off.

So my question today comes down to: how does one get the most out of their purchase or deals in general while being environmentally conscious? For instance at buffets you would want to consume as much food in order to get the most out of your meal. Also same with disney fastpasses, you would want to ride as many rides as possible but then this would be an increase in the use of electricity/gas.

Update on shower time: 9.50 mins..I showered for an extra 30 secs. I hope tomorrow I cut down to 8 mins!

Sarah Ko

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