Curtis Surprise

It is day 3 of “No Impact” week and so far so good! I am used to setting two alarms in the morning, however this week I unplugged my clock in order to conserve electricity and have been using only my phone alarm to wake me up in the morning, which is why I was running let yet again. Being in a rush I was unable to stop at Curtis for breakfast but was starving and since Slayter is quick and convenient, I found myself buying from there yet again. I bought a “Naked” smoothie for breakfast, which is sold in renewable bottles, meaning that it is made from other bottles and can be used in the future to make more bottles -100% recycled and recyclable! So of course, I recycled it! I also bought a cliff bar, which has little packaging but unfortunately this cannot be recycled and is trash.

I’m finding it difficult to reduce the time I spend in a room lit by electricity. All of my classes use electricity instead of natural lighting, and my Spanish class was in the computer lab today, which is additional electricity, however these things are beyond my control. The only other time I use electricity for lighting is when I am doing schoolwork in my room late at night. Tonight, instead of working in my dorm, I am working in the library to utilize the light that is already being provided instead of turning on my own lights in my dorm.

My goal for the week was to try to avoid Slayter as much as possible because of the paper and plastic waste produced so I went to Curtis for lunch and just my luck, Curtis was using styrofoam plates and plastic and styrofoam cups today. I was able to find a small stack of the reusable ceramic plates to eat my meal on, and went without a drink. However, it was disheartening to see the trashcans in Curtis overflowing with styrofoam waste, which is terrible for the environment because it takes years and years to break down and decompose and is not recyclable. Also, I have successfully been a vegetarian without any troubles because I rarely eat meat while on campus.

Molly Burke


  1. I can totally picture the garbage cans being overflowed with styrofoam cups and plates. The only good thing I noticed at Curtis today was my plate and spoon not cleaned so maybe there saving water by not washing them haha.

  2. Great idea about the library to conserve electricity! And going to slatyer can be very tempting especially with that sushi of theirs! Its too bad it comes in a plastic container, but it can be recycled. I still do not understand how people can be vegetarians, i don’t think it is a bad thing at all but it is just so alien to me.

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