Day 2

Really struggled today with one of my goals. I blame football. I had lifting this morning at 7 and after took a brief shower and fell asleep till about 1130. Woke up and took another shower not even thinking. Following lab I went to football practice where it poured and I had sweat a lot. Therefore my third shower had to happen. Really wasted a lot of water today and on thursday I plan on cutting out that second shower for sure.

On the other hand I did a really good job eating and recycling because I didn’t eat anything until dinner where I only had a salad and an orange.

I got my roommate on board for “No impact week” today as well. He didn’t like the idea at first but our lights haven’t even been on all day and we unplugged all of our devices besides our television because he refused. My nose is running like no other so I must find a different solution then tissues because I have gone through probably close to 50 today.

All in all, better then yesterday and plan to make improvements on what I see necessary.

Pat Foley


  1. Ouch 3 showers but hey you have to start somewhere also so great about your roommates being on board for no impact week! That’s progress from monday!

  2. I struggle too w/ the tissue because of allergy season. I’m glad you convinced your roommate to join you. Even though you showered more than once at least you subconsciously thought about it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  3. So happy to hear that you’re making improvements! It’s funny how we consume so much without even thinking about it. It is also really cool that your roommate is on board though. I wish the two of you good luck!

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