Day 3


I am writing this blog much earlier than I want to because I have an away game today at owu and the bus is at 4:15! I know I am breaking a goal of mine by using transportation but it is mandatory.. whoops and hey by taking only one bus and having everyone on it could be saving some consumption and energy. My day today was a lot better. I ate both my meals at Curtis and did not have any waste! I tried to eat very local and it was something I looked into before I sat down. I didn’t get the usual things I always get at Curtis I mixed it up a little from our and remembered our trip to IGA and what I remembered from the talk about what is local at Sodexo.

The hardest part I think it trying not to charge my phone and computer. I am trying to do it as minimal as possible but it is getting very hard because my phone keeps dying! That might be a good thing… I have stuck with no electricity in my room at all times with just the window open and it is just fine. My showers have been keep under 3 minutes as well.

What I am worried about is after tonights game. We usually have a cookout after each game and I know there will be a lot of waste from plates, napkins and left over food. Any ideas from anyone as to what I should do? I might be forced to get a plate but  I will reuse. Overall, a solid day for me but am a little worried about what I am going to do for dinner after tonight’s game.

Over and out.

Michael Anastos

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  1. Eb would be happy to hear that you are thinking locally when it comes to Curtis dining. As for the cookout. I don’t know what to tell you Michael. I’m not even sure what food will be served but if there are burgers… you can probably use a napkin to wrap it and hold it instead of a plate and if they are compostable napkins even better! Also don’t waste food! Eat everything you decide to get, this goes for your teammates as well. That is all I got.

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