Day 3

It seems like everyday has gotten a little harder to follow my goals. It seems everytime I follow one of my goals I break another 3 minutes later. Breakfast and lunch were good, no meat and ate in Curtis  both times BUT for dinner tonight Curtis had all disposable plates, cups, bowls and silverware! I asked the Sodexo workers what the heck was going on and they said their dishwasher broke so until further notice plastic ware it is.

On an even worse note I worked out on a treadmill which used energy where as I could have just ran outside. Also I showered once this morning and once after I worked out a although both under 5 minutes.

I am also breaking my transportation rule because I am currently en route to the lacrosse game in a SUV with 6 people. We were planning on taking the bus but missed it..

Honestly I have learned over the past 3 days that the amount of impact you have on the environment depends on time. It’s that simple. If I’m in a rush I don’t have time to think about my impact on the environment and I consume more. when I wake up late I grab something processed and packaged, when I’m running out the door ill forget to turn out the lights or unplug all my device. Therefore Colin is right, if you lower your environmental impact you slow down and then consume even less. Again another cycle.

Deuces DU

Francesca Gentile


  1. I like your conclusions at the end of the report, and I also share your disappointment in the Curtis situation. I think your rate of goal achievement will continue to increase each day we move forward.

  2. Achieving my goals as the week progresses has also become an issue for me. I thought that once I made it through the first two days, I would get a hang of the routine. Alas, this is not the case, and I just keep getting more and more frustrated. Not sure if Im gonna make it the whole week without driving…

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