Day 3.

Today was an interesting day. It started off well; I didn’t consume a lot of water or any electricity in the morning. After class, I had several meetings and did not have time to go to Curtis for lunch but at the same time I did not want to go Slayter either. I had no choice, however, because I was starving and I ended up going to Slayter. I managed to convince one of my friends to share a plate with me though, so that made me feel slightly less guilty. But that was soon outweighed when I did go to Curtis for dinner and they were serving food on plastic plates because their dishwasher was broken. There was no winning today.

Also, I have been on my laptop all day because I have a massive research paper due by the end of this week. I tried to work in the library but all of my friends are there as well and it was just too distracting. So in terms of waste and electricity consumption, I’ve been absolutely terrible today. Also, I’m going to be up pretty late so more electricity consumption.

Another thing, after our discussion about ‘ho-hum’ today, I became more conscious of just how many times in a day I am on my phone. There’s a reason why my friends refer to my blackberry as my ‘crackberry’! Everytime I stepped out of a class, or was walking from one place to another, I would be on my phone. So for the latter half of the day I tried to avoid using my phone and instead just enjoy my walk by myself and my thoughts and I felt so… pleasant.

ALSO, I desperately need to do my laundry but I’m trying to put it off as much as I can but I don’t think I’ll last very long. Wanh.

Deepshri Mathur


  1. I am also guilty of walking with my phone in my hands all the time! Today I walked normally without using my phone and I was kind of shocked at the number of people that randomly smiled at a stranger (me). Maybe we’re one of the few people that multitasks. I always got to enjoy the breeze and was able to collect my thoughts. It was indeed pleasant.

  2. Deepshri I too am in dire need to do laundry. I also realised the same thing with my phone today. Even when I clearly didn’t have a text message I was constantly checking! Great job convincing your friend to share the plate with you.

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