Day 3

MAD AT CURTIS!!! I had done an exceptional good job today, woke up to my phone, unplugged my charger, showered for 8 minutes, brushed my teeth with very minimal water, got ready with the lights off and headed to class. Everything was going great! Of course I had to drive to Newark, and sit under an X-ray for 30 mins and then sit in the MRI machine for another hour, which was of course a very large waste of electricity! The dinning hall, however, was closed by the time I was done, and chipotle was the closest thing my friend could find to the hospital so I ate there. Trash was accumulated because I had a burrito bowl. At least the bowl was made from recycled material! Then after getting back to school and writing my short writing assignment by hand so that I would use any more time on the computer than was necessary.

Then dinner happened… CURTIS WAS USING PAPER PLATES AND PLASTIC FORKS, AND PLASTIC CUPS!!! I decided to get everything I wanted on one plate so that I wouldn’t have to get up and get another paper plate!

Hoo Hum, or however it is spelled, well I tried to do that. It worked for 30 mins, but then I couldn’t handle it anymore and I felt like I need to go run around or something.  Being a swimmer I am always either swimming, sleeping, or doing my homework, so downtime is foreign and weird, very weird.

Tomorrow is going to be great, since today, was by all mean not my fault, bad!

Ashley Yearwood


  1. So much of our consumption and impact is due to things that we do not have control over. It really amazes me to think about this. Our society now a days forces us to consume, even when we are consciously trying not to!

    You did have a great “no impact” morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and less impact filled!

    Also, I SUPPORT CHIPOTLE. A lot of fast food companies do not go to any efforts to be sustainable. But Chipotle at least tries to make some kind of attempt.

    good work!

  2. I feel like we all had a tough time with the curtis surprise today. Fortunately, I didn’t eat at curtis, but I feel like you did the best job you could with minimizing your waste. Since, we are in college, and many of us do not have cars here, we are very limited to our eating options, so it is either the packaged foods at Slayter or the surprise with disposable plates and utensils at Curtis. Curtis is still probably the better option. I wouldn’t worry too much about it Ashley, you’re doing well!

  3. Yea I had dinner at Curtis too, I even asked the supervisor why they replaced the silverwares. I was told the dishwasher broke… Chipotle is great, it uses ingredients from local farmers which means they are healthier!

  4. I feel ya! Curtis totally threw us off! I don’t even like eating at Curtis and I’ve been trying to as much as possible because there is little waste besides food waste which is compostable along with the napkins. Chipotle is delicious, it would’ve been hard for me to resist that too. Keep up the good work Ashley, two days to go!

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