Day 3: Reflecting on the Lack of “Ho-Hum”

The sun did not shine much this morning and early afternoon (i.e. not much natural light), so this meant that if I wanted to be good and reduce my energy use, I should study in the library (where the lights are always on) instead of studying in my room (where the lights are only on if my roommate Aprile and I are in the room).  I felt good about being in the library getting my work done.  So, as for energy consumption today, I did pretty well.  I also remembered to unplug my fan today, so I am 2 for 3 to days I remembered to unplug my running fan.

Another one of my goals for this week was to avoid driving my car; especially if I needed to go to town.  So today, I walked to town.  However, on my walk down the Hill into Granville, I called my Mom to catch up.  It was not until I made my trek back up the Hill (and did not make a phone call) that I realized how true our conversation in class really was to our culture.  There really are no “ho-hum” moments.  I was on the phone the entirety of my walk into town, spending approximately 10 minutes alone, yet not alone, on my cell phone talking with my Mom.  I was really happy to talk with her, but I soon realized (when I was actually enjoying my “ho-hum” on the way back to campus) that I was falling into the theory that Colin Beavan describes when he says in No Impact Man “…the portable electronics keep us constantly connected have robbed us of the ho-hum” (89).  I tend to, during my free moments, fill up my time with catching up with other people and pulling out my phone (guilty!).

If I were to do No Impact Week again, I would consider the “ho-hum” of life in my goals.  I would, perhaps, leave my phone in my room when I head to class and resist from grabbing my phone when I cannot fall asleep at night.  Beavan’s idea of “ho-hum” and our class discussion today really got me thinking about how much of an impact No Impact living can make on many different aspects of our lives (even though that sounds contradictory!).  Wednesday was a good day in terms of my consumption of resources and an even better day for reflecting on Beavan’s ideas and our class discussions as it relates to the No Impact experience.

Whitney Powel

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  1. Whitney! I completely agree with you. I experienced the same thing while walking back and forth from one place to another. I was either texting, calling, or on facebook. But at the same time, I don’t have any other free time to really catch up with my parents or my friends back home…it’s difficult not to pull out my phone.
    But at least you walked and didn’t consume a lot of energy today! That’s awesome.

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