Day 3: Struggles and Successes

Remember that coconut oil conditioner I mentioned earlier this week? Well I gave it a try, but I ended up having to take another shower because of how grease my hair turned out. Not very No Impact. But I’ll talk to my friend today and see if maybe I used too much or something. So I”m not totally giving up on the idea.

Also, I was hoping to use the treadmill and elliptical less this week because those machines uses energy and instead go for a run, but I’m having a hard time getting myself to go outside and run. I guess two years off from Cross Country will do that to you.

I also guiltily fell asleep while I had my phone plugged in to charge, so it ended up being plugged in all night.

I was also use the elevator a lot less, but with the way Huffman is set up it is very inconvenient because you’d have to walk around the whole building to not use it.

There have been some successes  thus far, however!

1. I have managed to only drink water the past few days

2. I’ve avoided meat

3. And I wake up in the working and turn no lights on

Kinga Magiera


  1. Hahah, I applaud you for trying the coconut oil conditioner. I’ve seen many more natural shampoo recipes on pinterest lately and was thinking about trying one when I go home. When you look at the ingredients in our shampoos and conditioners it can be a little disturbing.. If I manage to find a good alternative, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  2. Kinga, like you I had the lights off when I woke up yesterday but not today. My roommate turned on the lights in the morning…Also, I have had so many moments when I come close to leaving my charger in but I catch myself every time. And about the whole running issue, I agree with Kate and Michael, take a run outside since the weather is nicer..although it is still a little chilly for this Californian girl.

  3. I have been trying to avoid meat and that one of my worst problems! So I understand where you’re coming from. I agree with what Katie said now that the weather’s nice it might be easier to get yourself to go for a run. I liked to coconut oil idea! Too bad it didn’t work out but maybe once you talk to your friend you can figure out how much really to take.

  4. I know it is rough running outside sometimes.. but at least it is spring time and is much prettier outside right now! Good job only drinking water the past few days, that is pretty impressive. I am currently trying to kick my coffee habit that I have recently acquired. Also I am very impressed that you have completely avoided meat!! Good Job! Keep it up

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