Day three, Ho-Hum & Curtis

I really liked the talk about Ho-hum during class today. Therefore I decided to spend my day without cellphone. I do have the common habit of checking cell phone whenever I’m not occupied with some other task, it’s like some sort of mental fixation.. Anyway, a day without cell phone is actually not as bad as you would think. I went to the gym today and cell phone became one less thing to carry. During my time spent in Mitchell, I noticed so many people walking while texting or simply messing with their phones. Using phone frequently has become part of the culture among teenagers and young adults, rather than a tool for communication, it’s used/treated more like an accessory.

I asked the supervisor why curtis replaced all of its silverware with plastics and paper plates at dinner and the answer was broken dishwasher. I did my best at minimizing waste by getting only one plate and one cup and composted leftover. It was a beautiful day, life of no impact is healthy and fulfilling.

Ryan Li


  1. I’ve noticed that not having a phone can actually be much better, as it is not a burden, like you said. I think it relates to hedonic treadmill in a sense, since we’re always in the fixation that we need more and a phone provides that to us. I think I might try to do that tomorrow, or only check on it when I receive a text or call. Good idea.

  2. I’m glad you had a great experience with giving up your phone for today! Ridding yourself of that distraction can really impact your day without impacting the environment! Curtis’ lack of reusable dining-ware also frustrated me. Let’s hope it is fixed by tomorrow. Keep it up

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