Frustration strikes on Day 3

I’m a little frustrated with myself today. I thought by day three of this project I would be doing better reducing my impact and following my goals. Unfortunately, I generated quite a bit of trash today. It didn’t help when I walked into Curtis for lunch and it had disposable products. I felt I generated a huge amount of waste with napkins, paper plates, a plastic cup and plastic silverware. This led me to spring to get Slayter for dinner. I tried to Veggie Stir fry bowl which I found quite tasty. When I was done, I realized that I could keep it and use it as a reusable container. This made me feel better about my meal

Also a letdown was forgetting my disposable coffee mug this morning. I did force myself skip my coffee. This was rough. By the time 10:00 rolled around I figured I would just make do without it.

So far I still haven’t driven anywhere. Didn’t consume any meat today. Kept my morning shower down to 8 minutes. Trash and food continue to be the dominant problems for me. Keeping my phone charged throughout the day is hard for me. It died this evening and because I was out of the room I went without it for a couple of hours. This made me think about our talk earlier about how attached we are to our electronics. There’s no good reason that my phone should die in a couple of hours and just shows how much I really am attached to it. I’m hoping tomorrow if its a nice day to try and sit outside and remove myself from all the “ho-hum”.

Aprile Doubt


  1. I was frustrated with the disposable products in Curtis as well. Good job for trying to stay away from your phone and eating healthy. Also, it’s great that you recycled!!

  2. Frustration has definitely set in for me as well. I feel like this experiment is consuming my life as I attempt to consume less! Good for you for staying away from meat though. Better than I can say for myself.

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