Ho Hum

Today was a pretty good day! It was nice outside, so I was able to spend a majority of the day outside hanging with friends, tailgating, and doing homework. I got ready in my room and did not use lights. I only returned once to grab my computer charger and did not even use lights then. I ate lunch in Curtis and enjoyed the local bread and vegetables. I got free dinner from soup loft and ate it out of my own bowl so I would not create waste! I think I was successful in creating no trash today!

I also did not shower! Thus reducing my typical water consumption!

I experimented with Ho Hum today. I walked down to the village with a friend and just sat and enjoyed myself while she ran errands. It was a little awkward at first and I felt the urge to pull out my iphone and mess around on it. After a while, the feeling went away and I and a really peaceful time. I think I’m going to try to sit and enjoy Ho Hum more often, it was a huge stress reliever.

I’m uninstalling all my apps tonight to see if it makes a difference tomorrow.

Allyson Clark


  1. Wow props to you on the no shower. I could never do that. Being nice outside, was definitely a plus and making it easier on all of us. Fresh air and sun rays always makes it a better day.

  2. Haha way to go allyson! Sitting in one’s thoughts can be quite rewarding and as you said peaceful! Especially on beautiful day like today where we can just enjoy nature and the fresh air. I wanna warn you about uninstalling all your apps though, you dont want to quit cold turkey, then go back and splurge on more apps!

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