Hump Day

Whew, I can’t believe that we are already halfway done with NI week! The past three days have been both enlightening and frustrating at the same time.  Not being able to use my car has probably been one of the most frustrating aspects of this experiment so far, while the rewarding feeling of vastly lowering my carbon footprint has definitely been the highlight.

As far as today went, it was certainly a day of ups and downs as far as sticking to the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the week.  I finally caved into eating meat today via a sandwich from Palumbos Italian market down by river road.  However, I did manage to stick to my goal of not getting into a car because my friend offered to bring it back to my room for me.

Having not eaten meat for an entire week now, this sandwich was literally the most delicious food that I can recently remember consuming.  While eating the cold cuts in the sandwich was probably not the most environmentally conscious choice, I was supporting a local business that strives to stay as eco friendly as possible.

In the past, I have talked to the store’s owner Cindy on multiple occasions. She told me that they while it is certainly more expensive, she tries to get as much of her cooking materials and food products from the Going Green Store, which is right next-door.  That I broke my goal of not eating meat certainly does not make me happy, but I am pleased about supporting the local business by eating at Palumbos.  Might I add, the fact that Curtis had to serve dinner on paper plates makes the impact I made by eating meat negligible.

Andrew Smith


  1. Not using my car has been a significant struggle for me as well. Luckily it has been nice enough outside this week, so i do not mind so much. Curtis also frustrated me today. They ran out of bowls during lunch! I think i spent at least 10 minutes trying to hunt one down. I support you supporting local businesses! That action embodies many aspects of sustainability! good work!

  2. I can’t relate to you on the car dilemma because I don’t have a car here on campus unfortunately (it is a good thing during No Impact week though). But I do agree with you that it was probably smart to to eat at curtis since they used all disposable plates and utensils. I also did not eat at Curtis, I wasn’t aware of the disposables until I read some posts tonight, but like in your case it works out well for No Impact Week.

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