I didn’t do too well today…

My day started off on the right foot! I took a shower in under 6 minutes! That’s not bad considering that my average time is usually around 14 minutes. I then got ready only using light from my window.

I had a delicious lunch at Curtis, and therefore created no waste!

Then things kind of went downhill… We left at 1 pm for our lacrosse game at Wooster (roughly 70 miles there and back). While on the road a tried to eat non-packaged food- apples and oranges. However, there was no way to compost them on the charter bus, so I had to toss them in our trash bag. An hour into the trip however, I needed something more substantial, so I caved and ate a protein bar.

This really made me think alot. We consume so many things because of convenience.  It was so much easier for me to eat that packages, processed snack on the bus than to eat a local, home-cooked meal. It was also more convenient for me to discard my compostable waste in a trash bag than for me to compost it. Our lives essentially set us up to fail at being environmentally friendly. It just sucks. Even when I try to live a “No Impact” life for just a week, I can’t. I have places I have to get to and a limited amount of time.

Other than this situation, however, I had a pretty successful day! I did not buy any new items, I refrained from using post it notes and cotton balls, I did not eat meat, and I kept all my things unplugged throughout the day!

Not to bad

Allyson Clark


  1. I totally can relate to having things to compost or recycle but not having a place to put them. Do you save them and compost and recycle later or do I just give up? Something to think about

  2. Allyson, I definitely know what you are talking about! Today was rough, given our drive and our need for food on our long bus ride… I am glad I have you on the team to do this “No Impact” with me, but it was so hard, especially during the TWO rain delays, to resist splitting a Nature Valley bar with someone to stay full and satisfied when it had been so long since lunch. I did, however, bring home some teammates’ empty Gatorade bottles and recycled them. It was the least I could do after the amount of trash we collectively threw away from our Panera dinner on the way home!

  3. I totally feel your pain when it comes to the temptation of eating “yummy” processed and packaged food! It all looks so good, but really it’s not good for our health or the environment.

  4. I understand the not being able to resist the crave for foods before games. Being an athlete puts a whole other spin on this project.

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