Thanks to Deepshri’s generosity…

Thanks to Deepshri, I am no longer starving!  She gave me her apple!  Not sure I’ve enjoyed an apple this much.  It seriously did the job!

This reminds me of one of the great beauties of NI Week.  You really don’t take things for granted…not even an apple.  Normally, I wouldn’t think much about an apple…but this one has saved my day!  I also have freshly picked forsythia branches from a friend…and friends have offered other local NI amenities.  It is really amazing how small things can brighten a day when you are constantly thinking about every move you make.  It also makes you feel more like a community, especially when people reach out to support your efforts.

I can totally see this through your posts.  I think your support of each other and the support from your roommates and friends creates a sense of commitment and purpose that we don’t often have.  So, keep reaching out to support your classmates…find a way to make someone’s day during this challenging week!


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