A Lazy Day

Today was one of the few days off from lacrosse the team gets. So what did i do? Sleep. I usually have German class at 1030 and I had a dialogue that I had to memorize for today’s class. As i’m on my way to my class I get a call from my German dialogue partner, informing me that class was canceled  The joy on my face cannot be described in words, as I swiftly skipped back to my dorm, jumped into bed and slept until 3. I believe today might have been the least impact full i have been all week.

Sleeping with the lights off from 2 am-1020am and then from 1040 am- 3pm, I wasted zero electricity, used zero water, drove zero miles, and didn’t eat a thing. Of course when I woke up I had a ferocious hunger, but ate the local beef in Curtis as well as fruit, tomatoes and cucumbers to quell it.

I had to do some homework though as well as blog and meet with my final project group so this is the 3rd time I have been on my computer. I also made sure to not check my iphone in the quad, and preserve my own Ho-Hum. I still haven’t used any water bottles but my attempts to not eat meat have failed entirely due to the lack of wanting to change my diet.

Ryan Smith


  1. I envy your lazy day Ryan! That sounds like heaven to me. Congrats on no water usage or energy as well. Props to you as well for not driving anywhere on your day off and celebrating like I probably would have done.

  2. Very impressive Ryan, sounds like a no impact day! And that’s great you were able to find local options in Curtis- I would’ve done the same if I hadn’t gone vegetarian for the week.

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