Day 3 – Huge stepback

Today started out pretty rough, as I woke up really early to finish up a paper. Without really thinking, I went to the vending machines and bought some snacks as “brain food”, which resulted in me breaking my rule of not buying anything, especially if its plastic. I completely forgot it was No Impact week in my tired state of mind, and immediately regretted using the vending machine. The paper also resulted in me having to use lights, as it was the only way I could see while it was still dark.

While I was able to keep my shower under 5 minutes today and ate only one thing of meat today, I also had to charge my computer at least twice, since I had low battery from not charging it completely the night before, and I had to do a lot of work on my computer today.

I ran into more trouble during the West Quad tailgate. While I did opt for a veggie burger in order to keep up with my personal goal of not eating pork or beef for the rest of the year, I ended up eating the chicken there, plus used a paper plate and ketchup packets since they didn’t have any ketchup bottles laying around. I later noticed that I could’ve gone without a plate or chicken, as I saw one of my friends doing, but I had barely eaten all day and wasn’t really thinking. Yet despite contributing to waste during the tailgate, I did feel okay about it since it allowed me to spend more time outside, rather than being in an artificially lit room for a few hours.

I’m finding that this week is a lot harder than I expected, since there are so many things that pop up that we dont realize that we are doing and sometimes can’t avoid, and it can be hard as college students to act like Colin since there is so much less that we can do than him, but I’m hoping that I can try to do some more simple stuff like he did.

Sam Wallace

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