Day 4.

I woke up feeling great today. I used minimal water and electricity while getting ready in the morning. Everything was going great until I started starving before my second class. I was going to go to Slayter and grab some fruit, but breakfast looked so tempting and I just couldn’t resist. So I grabbed a disposable plate and fork and got some food. So weak. It made me realize how much self-discipline this task requires. It obviously gets easier with time and maybe if I was at home, I could make it work, but it’s not feasible on campus.

Apart from that, my day was good. It was beautiful outside, and I spent most of my day working outside.

Deepshri Mathur


  1. I also struggled today as well. I agree with you that this No Impact project is not feasible on campus since there are many things out of our control such as food. But definitely when I am home I think I would have done better as in self-discipline wise and food wise.

  2. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who broke down today! It takes so much self discipline to be able to resist the food that’s being served right in front of you! I really understand Colin’s struggle with the pizza very well at this point. I’m hoping that tomorrow I will be better and resist temptation of breaking down. Stay strong!

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