Day 4

Today I created much less waste than any other day so far this week! I think this might have something to do with the fact that I slept until 11:45 though, and by the time I woke up I went to lunch at Curtis. I have noticed throughout the week that I tend to generate the most waste from my meals in Slayter especially breakfast. So for future reference I can minimize my waste by mearly walking a few extra minutes to go to Curtis.

I also walked everywhere I went today, like when I went to Granville. On some days my friends would offer me a ride. But due to NI week and the fact it was so nice out I really enjoyed my walk!

I had to charge my phone today but remembered to unplug it when it was almost fully charged. Unfortunately I left one of the small lights on in my room after getting ready and going to lunch and I did not realize that I did this until I got back.

Besides the light my day has been pretty successful! NI week has started to get easier once I became more aware of what I was consuming and wasting.

Kate Wright

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  1. I am so glad that it is getting easier for you. It is crazy what we can eliminate when we actually mindful about it. I am glad you enjoyed your walk! and keep up the good work!

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