day 4

Wow I am proud of myself today. I don’t have classes on Thursdays so I sat outside on the east quad and read and did my homework for my classes. I also didn’t shower because I knew I was going to work out today so I waited until after that to shower for only 7 mins. Unlike Luke I did have plastic waste because I had a granola bar for breakfast. Other than that I had a pretty impact free day.

Ashley Yearwood


  1. The weather really does make a difference! On a day like today nobody wants to be inside so far less electricity is used! I’m glad you had no classes and got to enjoy the day. Nice work on your no impact day Ashley!

  2. It really does make a difference when it’s nice out and all you want to do is be outside which intern uses no energy. i think we have been pretty lucky with the weather this week for no impact week. I have been able to use the sunlight from my window and not turn on my lights throughout the entire day.

  3. You are lucky to not have classes on Thursdays. And I agree, nice weather makes it a whole bunch easier to not use electricity. Just go outside and enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. I wonder how Denison’s energy intake varies from season to season. Summer you have AC units blowing all the time, Fall probably less impact, Winter heating buildings and microwaving warm drinks, Spring, like fall, probably has less impact as well.

  4. Sounds like a productive day! The sunshine really makes it easier on everyone I believe and we all use less resources. I as well waited to shower until after working out so only taking one shower today felt great. Keep up the good work, one more day!

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