day 4

day 4 was pretty much like day 3, day 2, and day 1. I broke some of my goals and followed others.

i started the morning with no lights and went to my only class of the day. I overslept and didn’t have time to eat in curtis so i ate a bar and threw out the wrapper without thinking. after class i went to slayter to table for an event and refrained from just eating lunch at slayter like all my friends were doing. Instead i went to curtis and ate no meat and as much raw foods including fruits and vegetables.

i continued my day in the library using lights that were already on and consuming energy. since it was such a beautiful day i workout outside instead of at the gym. for dinner i went to curtis and ate pretty much the same thing i had for lunch. 2 out 3 meals in curtis, not so bad. i spent the rest of the day and night in the library so my day has been pretty uneventful. Because i have a lot of work to do i have been using my phone and computer more than usual and therefore broke my rule of only charging my devices when they die.

i also went to slayter and purchased a hummus cup and yogurt and was going to recycling them but then realized they were plastic type 5 and we dont recycle these on campus. i find this really frustrating because i was disappointed in myself for using this plastic already and then i couldnt even recycle it.

Francesca Gentile

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  1. Don’t get stuck in a rut for Day 5! Break free and do positively in every goal! I believe in you!

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