Day 4

Most miserable day I have had on campus by far in my two years. I have never had allergies but today I got them real bad and possibly double pink eye. I went through about 200 tissues with an uncontrollable running nose and bloody nose. So that is the bad part.

The good part is that I did not eat anything all day until about 20 minutes ago when I drove to Wendys to get some food. I had to ! Sorry! I did not use my phone and my lights and computer were off all day since all I did was rest and stay indoors due to my allergies.

I went into Slayter today and saw a few kids leave their trash after class. So I took the high road and threw it out for them and recycled all there bottles.

I did not shower today which is gross but hey I saved some water.

Tomorrow will be a real big challenge. It will be a Friday, all hectic and I will need to be really careful. I already wrote a post it note saying NO IMPACT WEEK.

Best of luck everyone.

Pat Foley


  1. Seems like it could have gone down hill even faster, had you not taken the few extra steps to help others and yourself out! I can only see things improving for you as we move forward. I look forward to hearing about your final day in action.

  2. Pat, my allergies were also miserable today, although not as bad as yours it sounds like. I also had to use a lot of tissues due to this, which I didn’t even consider posting and should have. Thanks for the reminder about using tissues.

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